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Christmas 2020

Deborah Mahs
Deborah Mahs

What a cold and wet December we've had, but the oftentimes heard "its good for the garden" has been true as well.  I feel sure our planters have loved it!  Our lemon tree on platform 1 (planter 4) has certainly enjoyed the good dowsing that it's received on a fairly regular basis throughout the month.  Although it's been pretty darn cold and wet, thanks to the energy and encouragement of Anna I've enjoyed a good few days attending and pottering, clearing and snipping this month in spite of it.  I will leave Anna to introduce herself, but just to say how grateful me (in particular) and the gardening team is that she joined our merry band of volunteers back in the Summer of this year.  Thanks Anna.  I look forward to the garden journey ahead and sharing it here.  Thanks for the pictures too Anna.